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Emperor Wudi of the Han Dynasty: Creator of the Flourishing Age of the Han Dynasty

Liu Che, Emperor Wudi of the Han Dynasty, was in power from 140 B.C. to AD 87. During his reign, China ushered in the flourishing age of more than 50 years. In the early Han Dynasty, Emperor Liu Bang appointed some people of Liu's family to various parts of China as the dukes, hoping to remain the country in Liu's family. Some of the dukes were very powerful; they could have armies in their jurisdiction and had the rights of collecting rents and

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Hua Tuo: A Celebrated Physician in Ancient China

Huo Tuo love reading since his childhood. When he was young, he studied around Xuzhou region and he was well versed in various sutras and knowledge of keeping health. Prime Minister of Chen Gui and Commander Huang Wan of Pei Kingdom recommended him to be government official, but he refused. He decided to help the people out of diseases with his medical knowledge. Hua Tuo went to some places in today's Anhui, Jiangsu and Henan to help people, winning

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Li Bai: How Could He Buy Liquor?

Li Bai, the great poet in the Tang Dynasty, spent his whole life with liquor. No one knows how much liquor Li Bai drank in his life. In his poem Song of Xiangyang, he said, "During the 36,000 days in 100 years, I must drink 300 cups of liquor every day." This is a kind of exaggeration, but we can also see that he was a heavy drinker. It must be a piece of cake for him to drink 50 gram of liquor a day. The question is, if he drank liquor every single

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Emperor Shihuang of the Qin Dynasty: The First Emperor in Chinese History

Qin was only a small vassal state in west China appointed in 770 B.C. Because of its small area and weak strength, it did not catch the attentions from the vassal states in the central parts. After adopting Shang Yang reform, the small state became increasing stronger and soon became one of the seven powers in the Warring States Period. After King Ying Zheng (259 B.C. - 210 B.C.) came into power, he launched large scale wars. Starting 230 B.C., he

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Lang Lang: The Youngest Pianist in the World

Lang Lang is the first Chinese pianist who has long-term cooperation with all the first-class symphony orchestras such as Wiener Philharmoniker, Berliner Philharmoniker and five top symphony orchestras of the United States, and has held individual recitals in all the famous concert halls worldwide. He is now a leader in the world piano circle after Vladimir Horowitz and Rubinstein. Lang Lang’s talent in music goes well with his enthusiastic personality,

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LangYao Ming: Pride of China

Yao Ming was born in Shanghai on September 12, 1980, and is the symbol and pride of China’s basketball circle. He is now a member of China national basketball team. He used to play for Shanghai Sharks and now is a player in Houston Rockets. In 2009, he became the boss of Shanghai Oriental Basketball Club. Yao Ming’s influence has gone far beyond the Chinese mainland. In Hong Kong, Macao and China Taiwan, nearly all the local TV broadcast the

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