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Wuyi Yan Tea: One of the Top Ten Chinese Teas

As a widely-known specialty of the Wuyi Mountain region, Wuyi Yan tea (Rock Oolong tea) is also a superb Oolong tea on the list of Top Ten Chinese Teas. In the Wuyi Mountains, there is a saying "Among the rocks comes out the tea leaves, only the leaves there are of the best quality". This saying is where the name of the tea comes from. Scattered along the Jiuqu River, under the 36 peaks and 99 prominent rocks, the tea plants are the best ornaments

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Oolong Tea

Oolong Tea, also known as Wulong tea and semi-fermented tea, is a unique and distinctive tea category among several major types of Chinese teas. Its production process is very exquisite, and each process must be completed in accordance with stringent requirements so that this high quality tea can be made. As a category between black tea and green tea, oolong tea has both the sweet and aromatic characteristics of black tea and the fresh, delicious

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Yunnan Pu’er tea

Yunnan Pu'er tea is a famous tea produced in Yunnan that has a reputation spanning the ages and all across the world. Its raw material is the primary Dian (Yunnan) green tea which is native to Xishuangbanna. Pu’er is the result of processing. Pu’er tea has a long history and the trade of Pu’er tea can be traced back as early as the Tang Dynasty. Pu’er tea is made from the fresh leaves of high-quality, large-leaved tea plant species in Yunnan

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