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马来亚大学孔子学院举办第三届“创意灯笼节” Kong Zi Institute University of Malaya hosts the 3rd Creative Lantern Festival Competition



In conjunction with the Mid-autumn festival and the World Confucius Day, Kong Zi Institute University of Malaya held the 3rd Creative Lantern Festival on Oct 3rd. The festival attracted more than 100 students from several universities together, they creatively produced with 90 lanterns.


马来亚大学孔子学院中方院长陈忠首先致辞,他向台下的师生们解释了中秋节的来历、习俗及团圆的意义,并在最后祝愿大家中秋节快乐。 随后,孔院教师给学生们介绍了剪纸、书法、画画等几个制作灯笼的方法,听过老师的介绍之后,大家都跃跃欲试。

The festival kicked off with a brief introduction of Mid-autumn Festival by Mr. Chen Zhong, the Chinese Director of Kong Zi Institute University of Malaya. Mr. Chen explained the origin and customs of Mid-autumn festival and its special meaning to the Chinese people, and wished everyone a happy Mid-autumn festival day. Later Miss Wen Wenya showed a demonstrated how to design using paper cutting, calligraphy and Chinese paintings.



It was an interesting evening filled with enthusiast contestant from various races and background. They designed their lantern with various themes and materials, to express their understanding and appreciation about Mid-autumn festival and Chinese traditional culture. Some decorated their lantern by Chinese characters, and others made animal-shaped lantern.


A fish-shaped lantern won the heart of the judges and encouraged as champion.


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