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玛拉工艺大学马六甲分校师生做客马来亚大学孔子学院 UiTM Melaka Campus Student visit Our Institute



On Oct 4th, we received 35 students from UiTM Melaka. They were here for a studying visit. Whilst here, the Chinese Director, Mr. Chen Zhong give a briefing on the organization of the Institute, HSK Test and the studying in China program. It was continued by Mrs. Li Rui who gave an insight on the latest technological advancement such Rapid Developing China including the high-speed railway, convenient logistics, shared bikes, online shopping and food delivery.


During the last session in KZIUM, the students were introducing into the art of porcelain painting.




In the afternoon, they have opportunity to visit the famous UM Art Museum which showcased many historical painting and porcelain of which some of them dated as far back as one thousand years ago.

此行最后一站,学生们参观了种植有100多种热带濒危植物的马来亚大学Rimba Ilmu植物园。

Their visit ended on a nature trail to the UM Rimba Ilmu which hosted hundreds of threatened tropical plant species.


The visit to our Institute and UM campus has broadened their horizon on various aspects of history and nature.

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