Kong Zi Institute

About this Website

Kong Zi Institute University of Malaysia is one of the many institutions to have independent legal entity qualifications with the proprietary rights of name of the Kong Zi Institute University of Malaya, the label and the trademark. The main office of Kong Zi Institute University of Malaya is located in Beijing and we are here to provide the Chinese culture enthusiasts with cultural related exchanges, Chinese teaching courses, and the other relative resources.

Kong Zi Institute University of Malaya shall provide the following services:

1. Developing the Chinese language courses for various social sectors;

2. Training Chinese language instructors for local institutions and providing them with the best Chinese language teaching resources;

3. Establishing local facilities for the holding of the HSK Examination (Chinese Proficiency Test) and for the administration of procedures for the Certification of the Chinese Language Teachers;

4. Providing information and consultative services concerning Chinese education, culture, economy and society;

5. Promoting researches about the contemporary cultures China.