Kong Zi Institute


Program Profile

In order to actively promote the Chinese culture and improve Chinese language teaching worldwide, the Office of Chinese Language Council International (Hanban) has launched the Chinese teacher volunteer program to boost the spread of the Chinese language and culture overseas, strengthen the mutual understanding between China and other countries and increase the relationships among all the countries.

Whether it’s to fulfil the needs or to increase efforts for improvement, the selection itself is full of significance when the volunteers choose to serve. Facing the “Chinese Craze” worldwide, volunteers will choose to volunteer in the international Chinese teaching service for the satisfaction of the world’s rising demand for Chinese teachers. They make a great importance to themselves, to the country and to the world.

Perhaps, with one, two or even more foreign friends fall in love with Chinese and China; perhaps, with a school, an area or even a whole country knows the Chinese culture and China’s development. Upon completion of the tasks, you will return home with an honour, the experience will become a valuable wealth to benefit you through your whole life.

Volunteers’ Duty

To Promote Chinese and Accelerate Chinese’s Entering into the World.

Recently, Chinese learning craze has been aroused all over the world along with the thriving development of China’s economy and foreign exchanges. “If you want to be ahead of others, learn Chinese!”

As former deputy director of the Standing Committee of NPC Xu Jialu said, “Language is always the bridge that builds communication and link minds between people and countries. Especially in the present age, its communication usage far surpasses any phases in the history. As the most competent tool to link with the outside world, Chinese is now facing unprecedented pressure and challenge.”

The Chinese language is useful, but difficult. That’s the common feeling shared by all primary learners around the world. How to make the learning easier and make all friends in the world with willingness learn it well has become the difficulty and challenge facing the international promotion of Chinese. To solve the series of problems, large numbers of people with loft ideals are in need to enter the field and shoulder the historic responsibility of accelerating Chinese’s entering into the world.

Spread the Culture to Make the World Know China

As envoy of Chinese culture, volunteer teachers take Chinese to the world and teach more foreign friends Chinese happily and rapidly to give better exposure about the Chinese culture. Meanwhile, they are encouraged to take efforts to learn the local languages and actively mingle with the local cultures. Only in a mutual understanding and communication process can Chinese be accepted more widely and profoundly and be spread for a longer time locally.

Polish Oneself and Devote Love

Facing the need of China’s peaceful development and Chinese teachers around the world, are you willing to take the duty of volunteer teachers to devote to China’s great strategy of Peaceful Development and open a cultural window for the world to know China? Only devotion can bring the significance.

1. A genuine interest in teaching, education and self development
2. A desire to improve learning outcomes and student experiences
3. At least one year teaching experience
4. Holding a Bachelors degree
5. HKS certificate equivalent preferred
6. A Native Chinese speaker
7. Previous business experience preferred
8. Aged 24 to 55
9. No criminal record

1. Planning and delivering lessons to both adults, in both one-on-one sessions and group workshops which consists up to 20 students.
2. Using electronic media and Kong Zi-developed courseware to teach English Kongzificiently and Kongzifectively
3. Evaluating student progress and provide ongoing guidance for improvement
4. Maintaining regular office hours
5. Testing and placing new students in appropriate courses

Employment package
1. Paid annual leave (10 days + Chinese National Holidays)
2. Flight allowances
3. Health insurance
4. Arrival support
5. Accommodation assistance
6. Induction teacher training program
7. Classroom-based professional development

The selection process involves completing an application form and, if you are short-listed, an interview. Send your resume for submission to job opportunities at: info@kongzium.edu.my.