Introduce name, nationality, occupation.
Daily Expression
Introduction of name and nationality
Recognize and express numbers.
Talk about age, date and time
Ask price and talk about money.
Talk about ability of skills
Ask location.
Ask for agreement

Talk about weather
Make and answer phone calls
Talk about past time
Talk about sports
Express preferences
Talk about body, health and living habit.
Talk about color
Give evaluation on something
Ask reason

Ask for distance and transportation
Ask for direction or describe direction for other people
Talk about family and introduce family members.
Ask for suggestion and talk about opinion
Ask someone out on date

Describe appearance
Talk about people’s personality
Talk about hobbies
Read and write greeting card
Talk about season and weather

Describe environment, and arrange the decoration of room
Read and understand event notice and travel plan.
Talk about and write weekend plan, events plan.
Ask leave from school or work
Talk about study circumstance
Persuade or comfort someone.